7 advantages of having short hair

20 Sep 2014

Beautiful hair doesn’t just belong to the long hair. Short hair can also look beautiful and stylish. In fact you can still look feminine with short haircuts. There is no reason why you should feel free to have short haircuts. These advantages have short hair reported by magforwomen.

1. Easily treated

Short hair is very practical in the treatment. You don’t need a long time to tidy up a messy hair.

2. Comfortable during summer

Short hair allows the wind hit my neck and scalp. While long hair, must be fastened first if you are overheating. Short hair makes you feel light and comfortable.

3. Look smart

Long hair can seem ancient. Short hair for women who are active, easy going and energetic. So it makes you look smart and sexy.

4. more healthy

Long hair is prone to damage due to the loss and branching. And should give more attention to long hair. Short hair is easier to protect because of the risk of hair damage is lower.

5. save time

You don’t have to bother binding, combing, drying out the hair in a long time. For short hair, You dont have to waste a lot of time to arrange your hair

6. cost effective

You don’t have to cost to buy shampoo, conditioner or other hair care. For short hair certainly does not need the amount of shampoo or conditioner such as long hair right? This will save your expenses.

7. Looks fresher

Tired of long hair for years. Try to short-cut your hair. See the changes on your self after you do this. You will look more fresh.

‘ Your hair that always looks shiny and healthy despite the short fragment of it.

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