Confused choosing a hairstyle? Follow these 10 tips!

20 Sep 2014

Choose the haircut is not an easy thing. You cannot directly go to a salon and asked what haircut suit you. Before deciding on a hairstyle, you should consider the following 10 things, such as offered by World of Female (22/01).

1. how drastic cuts that you want?

Do you want a haircut that looks drastically and make people realize that you’ve just cut hair? Or just plain pieces that could not be realized by others. If you love dramatic haircuts, means you are open to all possibilities. But if not, you can choose pieces that are safer and don’t realize a lot of people.

2. Search hair styles online

There are many sites which offer the beauty of cool haircuts. You can search the haircut that suits You in there. If you are not sure what piece you want, look at some of the existing hair styles on the internet can be inspiring.

3. adjust to the shape of the face

First of all you should know is the shape of the face. Some people have different face shapes. You must know the face of the your excess and deficiency. If you have a wide forehead and want to cover it, you could use a haircut with bangs.

4. Collect samples of hair styles

If you’re not sure with the hairstyle that you really want because many styles that you like, you can collect it in advance. After that, you can go back menyeleksinya based on a dramatic level, matches with the face shape, hair type or conformance with activities, and more.

5. Note the time

Don’t cut your hair when you will attend an important event. Because the slightest piece of hair you choose can be very influential. If you are unsure you should not cut his hair in advance when there is an important event. If you are setting up a new hairstyle for the event, we recommend that you do not cut too close to the time of d-day.

6. Seeking inspiration from celebrities

Find inspiration from Your Idol is not the wrong thing. You can see how the celebrities hair styles and adapts to the shape of your face. But don’t be too easily influenced by the hairstyles of celebrity owned, because often the result will not be the same with them. Of course, as most celebrities have a hair stylist that can make their hair look gorgeous.

7. Estimate Your fashion style and personality

Sometimes cutting hair problem also relates to how you want to present yourself in front of others. If you want to be seen as someone who is certainly feminine, funky hair styles will not be suitable for you. Otherwise if you want to look young and excited, sure the hairstyle too ribet and classical is not suitable for you.

8. the Estimate of daily activities and lifestyle

In addition to the problem of personality you should also take into account the problem of Your activities of daily living. If you are someone who is active, choose a hairstyle that is concise and easy to set up. Don’t choose a hairstyle that requires expensive treatments and a long time if you’re not willing to pay and not have time take care of him.

9. ask for advice

After collecting the hair style that suits You, but still confused because of the many choices, you can come to the salon and ask where the hair style that suits you. Sometimes estheticians can decide is good for you by combining several types of these hair styles or choose one of them.

10. don’t rush

Despite already finding the appropriate hair style, don’t be in a hurry to cut it down. Of course, the hair can grow back, sometimes very quickly. However, if you do not like the new hairstyle, will be a long wait for him to grow back. So, look at the back of your choice, use the time to decide.

After doing a few steps and tips above, you can decide whether or not to cut his hair in a style that is appropriate for you.




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