4 Healthy Tasty Beverage After the glut of Sports

4 Oct 2014

Ladies, generally people who have find here  been doing sports for 1 hour full and sweaty good,must have felt tired and hot body temperature will cool slowly then returns to its normal temperature. Well, this is the time people usually feel hungry.
If you’re not on a diet, eat after sports events may be very good, but if you’re dieting,you definitely can’t eat carelessly and many instead? But no need to worry Ladies,because you actually can eat well after the sport despite being on a diet.
The page news.health.com was quoted as visite site  saying, some 4 drink is not only delicious, but also rich and healthy. The drink is
Chocolate milk
Chocolate milk is a sweet option is definitely to your liking. Not only delicious, but it feels too soft, it feels able to soothe the stomach is hunger and restore energydepleted after sport. You can drink warm chocolate milk low fat to avoid the risk oftoo many calories. Not only that, even chocolate http://jukimania.blogdetik.com/  milk is also very good to reducemuscle damage and help the recovery quickly.
Banana smoothies
Banana juice alone may sound convincing, but not You could mix with ice cubes, milkvanilla low-fat, non-fat or whey protein into juice and be delicious smoothies. You can also add raisins on top.
This refreshing drink could be the perfect stomach mountings after heavy exercise. In addition to being able to restore the energy drained, bananas are also rich inpotassium, which can keep the muscles to avoid cramps and electrolyte is strong that helps restore muscle tone has been hard at work.
Strawberry and yogurt
If banana smoothies were often you create, you can also restore energy by makingstrawberry smoothies and yogurt. Sprinkle top with oatmeal or raisin. Strawberry that has lots of vitamin C and A functioning as antioxidants that will repair damagedmuscle cells.
You can also restore your energy with the freshness of yogurt. If you want a sweeter, you can add 1 tablespoon honey only. Yogurt will meet the needs of protein such as milk, and prevent you from eating a lot.
Avocado juice
Avocado juice is probably the best as it has a glut of healthy fats that are good for the body. You only need 1 piece of avocado and a tablespoon of honey and drink jusnya.The avocado is very good for the diet and contain vegetable fats that prevent you from eating unhealthy foods.
So, if you want a healthy and tasty drink after exercise, you can try the 4 types ofdrinks last ya Ladies.




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