Fresh And Spicy Condiment This Mouth-watering

4 Oct 2014

Some of you may not be able to eat without any sense of spicy sambal. Yup, thesambal is sometimes be obligatory while eating. Moreover, the sambal terasi who has become a family favorite.
Chili is one of the typical cuisine of Get More Information  Indonesia which can easily You find in all corners of the Archipelago that is starting from Sabang until Merauke. It is certain that local residents could not be separated from sauce in serving their cuisine menu daily. Chili sauce in Indonesia has the basic ingredients of chilies, be it from the kind of big redchili, green chili, cayenne pepper, and other similar materials which provide a sense ofspicy chili. The Sambal was also used as one of the this content  ingredients of appetite enhancer, which the manufacturing process is very simple and can be made in accordance withthe tongue tastes of each person as it was very spicy, spicy or not spicy.
Sambal is almost the same with traditional sauces and often  served with a type ofother dishes in different ways depending
from the habits and penchant for connoisseurs or the local community. As is quite popular and is only found on the island of the gods that is spicy, fresh, uncookedsauce is mouth-watering.
Sambal as a traditional menu
View the origin of the proposals existing at sambal, Indonesia since the days of yorenative Indonesia already know such thing as sambal. Chili sauce in Indonesia is the most famous spicy, so that at the time of colonization of the Netherlands in the past,any foreign citizen who wants to enjoy the flavor of the chili sauce original Indonesiashall be reminded, so take heart in eat it because of the effect of seasoning blends inchilli sauce can make watery eyes and sore stomach.
Although the sauce is included in category cuisine dangerous when consumed inexcessive amounts, it is nonetheless hunted by many fans, because the sauce has a very unique flavor and distinctive so famous to come out of the country.
Some kind of chili sauce which is a companion to the main food menu and there ismandatory, it is highly played an important role in efforts to enhance one’s appetite.This is because the main ingredient in sambal chilli that contain capsaicin which raises the nutty taste on the tongue but makes you always craving for taste it. The substancecapsaicin has many other functions such as media, heal wounds and holding the bodyof the terjangkitnya flu. Also, hot peppers are rich in vitamin A and c.
Various types of sambal in Bali
On the island of Bali itself since antiquity is known as the island of the gods who havea variety of dishes made of chili sauce. Some recipes are fairly popular condimentcuisine is a condiment (sambal chilli, onion sambal, emiya Shiro etlingera elatiorflower, raw peanut), chilli sambal terasi, belimbing wuluh, sambal chilli soy sauce,tomato paste, chili sauce, salad and more.
In each area has a different type of condiment-difference and uniqueness as well as its own sense of distinctiveness, where almost all types of sambal are relatively easy tomade and seen. It can be used as one of the culinary tourist attraction and the nationconfirmed that Indonesia is one of the countries that have very diverse culinary wealth,satisfying and worth trying.
Ladies, you can also try this condiment serving himself lho. The trick is also very easy.The below given one condiment cuisine recipes etlingera elatior flower, can you notedto be practiced at home.
Fresh flowers etlingera elatior (100 g)
Onion that has been purged from the outer skin (150 g)
Cayenne Pepper (60 g)
Limes (1 piece)
Shrimp paste (3 grams) is burned,
Coconut oil (10 ml)
Flavor enhancer and granulated sugar to taste.
How to make:
Flower of etlingera elatior, shallots and chili washed clean and then thinly sliced thin.
Mix salt, flavor enhancer, granulated sugar and grilled shrimp paste, both these ingredients are mixed again while kneaded-squeeze
Then add the juice of a lime and coconut oil.
Mix until well blended and serve in a plate.
Etlingera elatior flower condiment Balinese already you can enjoy along with the other main food.
Very easy and handy isn’t it? Good luck!




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