Banting’s steering of the Major Ice So the boss’s fried chicken

11 Oct 2014

For fans of fried chicken outlets to Click Here  offer, don’t miss this one. Name: fried chicken/Grilled borobudur. At the tavern, which is indeed made of refined chicken as the mainstay, you will find the typical home fried chicken that is rarely found elsewhere. MT Haryono Road location in the number 19, Tangerang.
Easy, kok, found a tavern established in 1992 it. If  navigate to this site you are coming from the old market Area, point your vehicle into the path of A Damyati via Kalipasir Road. After MT Haryono a t-junction, there continue to be until the first junction.
Well, there’s kedainya position on the right-hand side of the road, not far from the crossroad. fried chicken/Grilled borobudur had many loyal customer since I was in the form of a very simple. Though nearby popping up a lot of places to eat, the savory fried chicken Aliong, the owner of the tavern, still looking for his fans.

According to the original man Tangerang, most customers kedainya from generation to generation. If her parents often eat fried chicken/Grilled borobudur, their children still came to the tavern while her parents had already died.
Not only individuals and families, many government agencies and private companies such as the Lippo Group, often ordering food in large quantities. “Usually the message for Office events,” said Aliong pointing a row order for paper stuck in the wall.
Hesti, Grilled/fried chicken customers borobudur, back and forth to this shop because it tastes good and distinctive. Women working in a correctional facility in Tangerang was added, his Office is also often order the food to store this for special occasions.
Although more frequent orders for government agencies and private companies, this tavern is quite comfortable atmosphere, kok. In a room with capacity of 50 visitors, there were two air conditioners (AC). Great lights was hung above a tavern ceiling is high enough. Conditions in Caf which is open seven to nine in the morning that night light and always neat because the waiter clears the floor twice a day.
Well, if you’ve managed to find this store, please feel free to order the fried chicken. Indeed, the store also offers other dishes, such as grilled chicken, fried shrimp, and oxtail soup.
But, the loss of another food tasting before satisfied mengganyang artificial Aliong fried chicken. As a complement, don’t forget to order the fried tofu and vegetable asem. Both are a perfect complement to fried chicken which is always offered on a new visitor.
American fried chicken looks quite beautiful Aliong. The yellow colour is browned evenly. This snack is always served with sambal ulek glowing red berkelir placed on a small plate. Crispy crumbs yellow fried chicken that accompany the terhidang on top of the plate. Without a doubt, a piece of fried chicken that looks tantalizing we rip.
Because new fried chicken when ordered, still feels the heat. Hot steam scented fragrance was straight out of a mature meat fibers. Once eaten, their flesh feels tender. Easily chewed and swallowed. Savory flavors were out from between the meat and the skin is crisp. Saltiness in chickens are also not too excessive.
Add chicken seasoning because favors still feels to the bone. Loss if you don’t SIP and hunt down flavor into the bone marrow. The pleasantness of the tongue exposed savory fried chicken was more excited after painfully spicy sambal ulek Aliong made.
Cocol sambal spicy sweet that feels at once in this tongue. The sensation feels like chili sauce served in a typical Sundanese rumahmakan.
When the eyes are mengerjap because of the spiciness, then eat vegetable asem warm available in the table. Vegetable asem taste this very murky colored topnotch. Fresh at the same time offers the sensation of spice. Undoubtedly, the spicy tastes seared directly subside once sipped the broth.
But, your dining adventure is not over yet, lo. There is still the fried tofu served with small pieces but it’s classy. The texture on the skin is dry and crisp but flesh feels soft, similar to know sumedang.
In fact, mengudap fried tofu with chilli sauce and a plate of white rice alone is good. Although not born from a family of cooks, not difficulties of pioneering effort Aliong Tavern chicken gorengnya. Man 71 years who had been an ice factory employers this happen to have culinary hobby.
In the past, often visiting culinary Aliong in areas such as Glodok, Jakarta. But, there is one store that impress her. Its location is in the Pancoran, Jakarta City.
Although now a restaurant that was closed, he was deeply inspired by the fried chicken which is served the tavern. After its steering wheel so fried chicken seller, he tried wherever possible to taste fried chicken racikannya like his favorite store-made it.
Alas, Aliong very tightly guarding the recipe that his findings. Only, according to him, the delicious fried chicken could be generated if the ingredients of se




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