Choice Of Menu Specialties Eid Al-Adha, A Typical Rabeg Bantam

11 Oct 2014

oat meat-baseddishesisa feature Clicking Here  ofcelebrations ofEid al-Adha.There is alreadyanideaforEid al-Adhalater?If youstill do not havethe typicalmenu of theide,Bantenthis onecould bean option.

The name of the menu is Rabeg. On Tuesday (23/9/2014) in the Restaurant Oasis, Kecap Bango presents the homeowners Eat Magersari, Banten, one of its flagship adalah Rabeg menu.
The culinary venture started by Hj. Jenah in 1975 which was later  read review managed by his family from generation to generation. That restaurant is now managed by Hj. Sumiyati. According to the usual menu of Sumiyati Rabeg presented by society of Banten on special occasions, such as wedding or aqiqah.
On the occasion Of Eid al-Adha Cuisine Delights from the West to the East Indies, Sumiyati share recipes and mempraktikannya directly. In addition to the recipe Rabeg, other menus that are practiced in this event is Sate Matangdari Aceh and Goat Satay Balanga of Gorontalo.
Nuning Miyabi as Senior Brand Manager of PT Unilever Indonesia Bango on occasion explained that a third of the recipes are the result of the culinary heritage of the Malay Archipelago Expedition activities of Bango soy sauce which is still in progress.
One of the goals of the Division of recipes and tips to cultivate this goat is that the mother is confused and reluctant in processing goat meat to presented at the time of Eid al-Adha.
Back talk about Rabeg, the goats that are used for this menu is the innards. To make Rabeg, offal that is cooked with spices of cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg seed, galangal, ginger and more. Can hardly wait to practice the Rabeg recipe? Here is the recipe.




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