Java Noodles Stall Kardiono Hunted Citizens

11 Oct 2014

A typical evening meal in Yogyakarta  Website  is ubiquitous throughout the special region of Yogyakarta (DIY) i.e. the Bakmi Java. In addition to the noodles and commerce in Jogja, you can also visit the Java Kardiono Noodle. Java Kardiono Noodle stalls this is indeed no nameplate on the front denotes.
But don’t get me wrong, talk quality taste, can be compared with Kardiono Noodle Noodle Java that are familiar. Bamboo-walled eatery is located at jalan KH Ali Infallible Sewon, Bantul Hamlet Pelemsewu. More precisely in the South of the Hamlet Village Hall. The owner of the stall Kardiono says daily from 18.00 himself is preparing to roll out the companionship.
“Yeah, yeah sure the lid sometimes until night  article source really, ever until 2 a.m.,” said Kardiono week (28/09/2014).
Patiently and deft, Kardiono presents each noodle that comes from its customers one by one. This is according to the taste of the broth to Kardiono bikinannya very awake. Bakmi bikinanya Java will be felt very savory and delicious when enjoyed by subscribers in a warm.
Even since the creation of the dishes one by one not infrequently make citizens who already queued cancel orders. Events like this to her already deems good.
“Yes a one cook. I’ll pas it feels. Kalo merged two servings so that later it dont fit. Kalo mau Yes waiting. Kalo ya can open every day unless there is need banget ya dont open, “he said.
One of the customers of noodle Kardiono, Lutfie says Java is very satisfied with the typical Kardiono dished with Noodles. Savory gravy that combined yellow noodles and noodles mixed with egg white to make his tongue was hooked. So he always took his favorite this menu.
“A sense of place is the original Java tu ya like this. Savory sweetness and a little too ga. Taste on the tongue it’s fitting, “said Lutfie.
Not only that the price offered is also relatively cheaper than other Java noodle stalls. No more than 10 thousand dollars, you can already enjoy the menu of Jogja. While you can also select other menu like Fried Noodles and fried rice, which already has its own customers.
“Usually I eat fried rice but incidentally now liked dished with noodles. Reply here is also famous for the tasty nasi gorengnya, “pungkasnya




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