Pineapple To Remove Odours Prengus & Empukkan Mutton

11 Oct 2014

The feast of Eid al-Adha is getting closer. On that day, the  see page meat is available in the home is usually beef or goat. Some of you may be reluctant to cultivate because of the smell of mutton prengus and suppleness of goat meat.
Some time ago, to be exact on Tuesday (23/9/2014), Bango soy sauce to share tips on how to cultivate the goat meat to prevent odors and and so meat becomes sites  tender. One of the ingredients that can be used to remove odors and prengus to create goat meat so tender is the pineapple.
Here is how:
Cut pineapple fruit Wash meat with water until clean
After washed, combine Bacon and pineapple chunks in a single container
Mix well while using hand kneaded
Let stand shortly before the meat cooks
The Division of these tips do on occasion Of Eid al-Adha Cuisine Delights from the West to the East Indies which takes place at Oasis. On this occasion also distributed 3 recipes processed goats from 3 regions in Indonesia, namely Cooked Satay (Aceh), Rabeg (Banten), Sate Goat Balanga (Indonesia).
Nuning Miyabi as Senior Brand Manager of PT Unilever Indonesia Bango on occasion explained that a third of the recipes are the result of the culinary heritage of the Malay Archipelago Expedition activities of Bango soy sauce which is still in progress.
One of the goals of the Division of recipes and tips to cultivate this goat is that the mother is confused and reluctant in processing goat meat to presented at the time of Eid al-Adha.




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